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Best SAD Lights 2017 Buyers Guide

Top Picks 1. Philips - goLite Blu This is our top pick and for those serious about dealing with SAD it should be the first thing you try. This light has been clinically show to produce results.  It specifically produces light in the wavelengths that are...

Best Air Purifiers of 2017 (August Update!)

I have allergies and live by a freeway and I will have to tell you that the best investment I ever made was in an air purifier.  Not only does it remove the allergens that drive me crazy at night but it also removes dust and pollutants from that freeway that would...

Best Slow Cookers/Crockpots® of 2017 (August Update!)

Everyone should have a slow cooker in their home.  Toss some ingredients in before you leave for work and you'll have a fully cooked meal ready eat when you return.  Oh, and did I mention the smell.  Your whole home will smell like your mother has been slaving away...

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