Slow Cooker Lid Locks

A common question we’ve been getting here deals with lid locks on slow cookers.  What’s the deal?  Do I really need them?

You should always remember that people got along for a long time without lid locks.  So it’s definitely not a necessary thing.  On the other hand, if you plan on transporting the slow cooker anywhere, especially in a car, then you should give the lid locks a serious consideration.  Simply braking a little too hard and hearing the pot tip over… think about that.  The lid lock will give you time enough to pull over and right the pot without it becoming a big disaster.

Next, if you’re a klutz and can imagine yourself doing something where the GLASS lid slides off over a hard floor then definitely look into the lid lock.

If you’re never going to move the thing, are not a klutz and are price insensitive (you’ll buy a new lid if it breaks) then by all means skip it and save some coin.

Whether you get them or not is a judgement that only you can make.  If you’re ready to buy we have some recommendations on the best crock pots or best slow cookers (whichever name you wish to call them).  Note that crock pot is a brand name and slow cooker is a generic name.

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